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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Zodiaq?

Zodiaq is a product created by Dupont. it is in a category by itself as it captures the radiance of quarz crystal with its depth, clarity, radiance and strength. Zodiaq embraces both nature and technology.


Why should I choose marble?
Being one of the oldest building materials in the world says alot. But with an endless supply of colors and options and the durability and high strength, resistant to staining and mildew as well as easy to clean make it one of the top choices for countertops, floors and vanitys.
What is the best stone for my kitchen counter tops - Granite or Marble?
Though all stones can be used for countertops granite seems to be the idea stone for kitchen coutertops. Because it is extremly hard you can actually chop vegetables right on the counter however this can lead to dull knife blades as it is harder than steel. The hard non-porous surface of granite is resistant to stains.
What should i use to clean my stone's surfaces?
To clean stone use a mild soap and water solution and dry completly after washing. For floors use a dust mop often. Dirt from shoes can be abrasive the full the finish.You should never use abrasive scrubs or cleaners as this to can lead to dulling. Usually a warm wet cloth with a small amount of detergent does the job well.
Do you do commercial and residential?
We have a great deal of experience in residential jobs as well as large scale commerical work, working closley with contractor and designer to make the finished product as good as it can be. From large projects like Foxwoods Casinos and resorts to small tabletops let us be your Connecticut installer for your next project!
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